“Hi Ken, Thanks again for a terrific morning on the Grand. Your teaching and encouragement were much appreciated. Catching a big Brown to join the 20-20 club was the thrill of a lifetime. Hope to see you again soon. All the best…Joe”

from joe Ferencz

Hi Ken, Thanks so much for getting back to me with your recommendations & suggestions. You are “hands-down” the best guide I’ve worked with and I really value your point-of-view. Best regards,

from Bryan

Ken you Rock. We had a blast the other day and you were the best and i mean it the best not guide but teacher we had. Amazing tips, pictures and put us on the money. Thank you for high end service and great day. Looking forward for bass fishing.

from Babak, Toronto


I had a great time learning from you-you were a very good and effective teacher. Thanks for all your help.

Now all I need is a lot of practice

It was a great day to learn and fish. 

Yes, you know how to create a great lunch experience.

Thanks again.

Take care. 

from James

Thanks again for a great day yesterday. Trudy and I had a really great time both with catching some really large bass including the 42 inch muskie and enjoying your commentary and teaching. We learned a lot. We will be seeing you again.

from Georg, St Clements

Yup lots of fun and I did not even row... next time! Thanks Ken. for making it a great day for both of us. Ryan was blown away and I am sure will be talking about this trip for years to come!

from Steve, Waterloo

Tim and I wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for a brilliant and super enjoyable float trip this past Monday Aug 21.  Being trout guys (who catch a bass every now and then), my brother and I have never caught so many smallmouth, and of such gigantic proportions!  In truth I lost count of how many we actually landed but I know it was well over 20 apiece.  When Tim had an 4-pounder on and I hooked up with one slightly chunkier (lol), now there was a moment to remember. But then those first two Musky - with a bass fly! And shortly after that, the huge Northern Pike I was lucky enough to land. Perhaps the highlight of a day full of superlatives was the Musky fishing. I've never seen so many! Just getting a follow is exciting as all get-out: witnessing a fish the size of a sunken log stalk a huge fly, accelerate and then flick it with its nose!  Geez, that will get anyone's heart racing.  And it was heart-stopping when Tim fooled that giant and it cartwheeled out of the water, spitting the fly!  Would be super hard to eclipse that experience! Now I've just got to work on my "strip it tight, wait for the turn and set" technique - I think I'm hooked on Musky!  Looking forward to our next float.

from Steve

Hi David, 

You are an awesome teacher!!!   We had such a great time and are hooked!  Carrie has already been researching and compiling a list of the rods, reals and other items that she is wanting to buy to get her started.  We can't wait to get out on the water and start practicing.

I will keep in touch and once again THANK YOU!!

from Gabby and Carrie, Ariss. ON

Grand River Troutfitters was a great experience I would highly recommend to anybody. The teacher, Ken was knowledgable and fun, and in a few short hours taught us the basics of fly fishing. We learned different styles of casting, lines, rods and flies. I can't wait to return for another experience.

from Darren, Brampton

I fish as much as possible year round. Every year I make sure to get a day out with Ken Collins and my friend, who happens to be a chiropractor. I don’t think you are interested in my friends occupation but in this case it notes mention. We started our day on the Saugeen river at the crack of 10:30 am, it was 20 minutes into our excursion and my buddy and I had 8 fish each in the boat. One was in contention for the biggest of the day(18inches). As the sun started to create shadows on the river and we were nearing the end of our day, I told my buddy that he should expect a call from me, to his office. Why he asked? Because, my shoulder is so sore from fighting fish all day, I need therapy! We all laughed as we had all day, I left the river with a sore shoulder and a sore stomach from the intense laughter that occurred all day as a result of the non-stop fishing action. In all, my buddy and I caught 50 or more fish each that day. This is not a fisherman’s story, it is the truth!

Cheers and Tight Lines!

from Doug, Kitchener

The day was brilliant: constant action with the smallmouth, a diverse river in lovely surroundings and great conversation with ​the most knowledgeable guide I have ever worked with throughout North America.  Chatted about everything from trout and bonefish strategies on other waters, to local conservation and efforts to improve river access for responsible enthusiasts.

from Dean, Calgary

Ken did it again!!  The summer of 2016 is the new benchmark for absolutely incredible bass fishing. The size and number of fish were unbelievable and we had barely left the boat launch.  Definitely my best single day of bass fishing in 25 years. I can't tell enough people about my experience and consider myself fortunate to be guided on the river by Ken.  Thanks for a great day.

from Mike, Guelph

I can't thank Ken enough for the amazing drift boat experience I had. From learning the basics of fly fishing to catching HUGE small mouth bass; it was an unforgettable experience! Being out on the water with Ken is like having a treasure map that he knows how to read like the back of his hand. He knows where the fish are hiding and helped me to catch bass after bass.The fish couldn't hide from Ken and I that day! The photos from the day left all my friends and family jealous. Such an amazing experience and I am eager to repeat.

Thanks for all the tight lines Ken! 

from Sarah, Collingwood

Well. Our fly fishing day of lessons and river experience exceeded all of our expectations.  Not only did we appreciate the perfect weather that you ordered but our time with Beth and Sandy couldn't have been better.  A wonderful mix of teaching, explanations and hands on. They were encouraging, correcting, helping and hands off to let us have our experience and learn. 

I think a few are convinced that fishing will be a part of their future. The information provided in advance was exactly what we needed and everyone came prepared.

Thank you for your flexibility as our plans changed and for the helpful communication along the way.


from Diane, Port Elgin

My girlfriend and I have been out fly fishing with Ken twice now, once wading out for spring browns, and once on the driftboat for smallmouth. To most, the a guided fishing trip is not the idea of a great date - but it has become of our favourite ways to spend a day as  a couple.

We have had so much fun, learn so much, and as a result continue to enjoy fly fishing together. Ken is the consummate professional; as a fisherman, but also as a teacher and entertainer! 

Ken made sure that my girlfriend, who just picked up a fly rod, was successful and having fun - and as a result, she is excited to continue fly fishing. On our recent trip she caught some beauty smallmouths. 

I have been fly fishing for years, but still feel like a beginner - Ken really helped me with my technique: my casting, presentation, how to read the river etc. - which has already helped me in all my subsequent fishing trips. We'll definitely continue to seek Ken's fishing guidance on new rivers and for different fish, and highly recommend him: to experienced anglers who want to raise their game; newbies who want a great first experience; and especially to couples who want to enjoy a day on the river together.

from Paolo Korre

I spent a full day with Ken on the Saugeen fishing for Muskie and Smallmouth. Ken is extremely passionate about our sport and is one of the best guides I have fished with. An expert on all Ontario species and he knows the river like the back of his hand! This was my first Muskie trip and we landed a 36in fish on an 8 wt. with a Bass fly! It was a first for both of us! We also landed countless Smallmouth. Can’t wait to fish with Ken again! 

from Bill Belus

Ken, never had a bad day on the river with you. Always great whether the Saugeen, Grand or the Maitland.....I think you know all the bass and muskies by name! Looking forward to our next adventure! 

from Ian

Ken, Thank you very much for another wonderful guided trip. As usual, I learned a ton from you about the river and fly fishing/casting. I really wanted to take a moment to thank you for making my dad's day on the water so great. Not only did you have my newbie 85 year old father fly fishing but he was doing it on a windy day and was loving it (and catching lots of fish). The way you handled the whole excursion was (as usual) excellent. I am especially thankful for all the small non-fishing things that you did throughout the day to make it a great day. Your experience is really appreciated. Another great trip, thanks, 

from Tom DeKay

Many thanks to David for a great day on Saturday!  I had a blast and
learned a ton.  I'll try to remember the COOL DUDE casting method, I think
that works best for me. Obviously I'm in need of a lot of practice, and
I'll be working on that. 

Good job!

from Scott Anderson

Ken, we had such a great day with your group! The venue was perfect for our casual team meeting in the morning. Your guides facilitated some valuable team building activities and we even caught some fish! This was exactly what I was looking for with this corporate event. As a Manager, it was awesome to have and your team take care of all the details. It was seamless and so much fun. Can't wait until the next time! Looking forward to seeing the pictures, 

from Jen from BMO

Ken, I just wanted to let you know that our fly fishing lesson on the Grand last Saturday was all I had hoped for. Your expertise, patience and teaching skill was exactly what I felt I needed and you delivered. I felt like I was fishing with a friend that I could learn from, which is the best kind of fishing. I hope to go smallmouth fishing with you next. I have highly recommended you to many people all ready. Thanks again 

from Steve Bell

Hey Ken, Thanks so much for yesterday, I know we didn't land a fish but I learned a tonne and that was my number one goal! I really appreciated you sharing your knowledge and the extra work you did by bringing the boat. You were great company as well! Thank you very much for the generous discount, I will certainly use it and we'll get back out there...they can't stay away forever Thanks again and we'll see you again soon! Cheers, Josh

from Josh Alexander, Waterloo

Thanks again Ken - great selection in record time!
Many thanks and have a great weekend!

Joanne and Steve

from Joanne MacNamara

Ken, here are some of the pics that were exceptional to me. Man, what a great trip!! Thanks for all the tying help and for the great selection of flies. I was able to notch a pile of bucket list fish on flies that I tied with you. I hope I make the website. Till we fish again. Regards, 

from Dave Solly

Ken -
Received the leaders yesterday - thanks for the prompt service.
Headed to the Miramichi in October for salmon then Patagonia for trout + in January
but need to finish up on the Beaver River first.

from Bruce

Thanks for an enthusiastic fun guide last Thursday.
Lots of companies search for ways to enhance their product or service to stay ahead of the competition.
You have it!
Starting with Rockie, {Winston was on the limp this particular day}
He was standing at the end of your driveway as I drove up the street looking happy to see me.
There was a car parked behind your boat so I continued up the street past Rockie.
He looked so sad that I wasn’t coming in to see him, but after I turned around and parked and came to see him he was happy again.
I don’t know how you arranged it but seeing the Osprey splash down and catch a fish was a great sight for me.
And after 5 hours of concentrating on my casting you rewarded me with a nice red apple,just what I needed.
So thanks again for great memories.

from Jim McCaw

Hi Ken,

I am taking a few minutes to let you know how great your "crawfish" flies are.  Yesterday I was with two friends on the Grand River. For the first few minutes we were accompanied by two large deer, across the river getting a drink of water, what a scene! 

My first fly of the day was your crawfish fly.  I started catching small bass immediately.  For the next half an hour I caught at least 12 fish ranging from 8" to 14".  I cast again and looked at my overall presentation.  I thought my 4 foot leader was not long enough and the river current was too strong in this location.  I tied on a leader approx. 8' and I put on two small weights, just ahead of the crawfish fly.  The next cast produced a 4 1/2 lb, beautful large mouth bass.  With the proper presentation, I caught another 4 plus pound bass, as well as several bass between 2 and 4 pounds in the followng three hours.  Totally I caught over 30 fish. (I stopped counting at 30). The crawfish fly made by Troutfitters is by far the best bass fly I have ever used.  Last year I used this fly with the same results. The reason I meantioned last year is, there was a large slow spot in the  river.  A trick I learned years ago, to entice larger fish, was to present them with the smell of a worm so I put a worm on with the crawfish fly.  Within  three casts,  I caught a 15 lb carp.  What a thrill it is to catch a fish that size, with that much strength and fight in a river.  I use only 3 and 4 lb test leaders and fighting these larger fish is a thrill. 

The crawfish fly is amazing.  I have watched it in the water and it acts just like a real crawfish. Last year, I took the time in clear shallow water, to learn how to make this fly move like a real crawfish.   This fly is so well designed that this only took a few minutes.  The fly acts naturally by itself, but in different water speeds, you must control it.  Again the fly is so easy to master since it is so well designed  and the proof is in the fish it catches.

Thank you Troutfitters for the great fly and all of the fun it has given me.

from Alan Hurdl, Guelph

GRT's online store is a great way to turn any equipment you're no longer
using into cash. The store also provides a unique opportunity to acquire
high quality used rods and reels at very reasonable prices.  Whether
you're buying or selling Ken provides excellent service and advice.


from Bob Cove, Toronto

Hi Ken,
I just received my 2 fly rods and my reel. I am very satisfied with my
purchase, thank you very much. It is always nerve racking to order used
machandised online, but I am glad I did. Maybe one day you will see me for
a fishing trip.

from Gabriel, Nova Scotia

Hey this is hayden. I just wanted to that that was awesome!!!! Thank you so much me and my dad loved it! We know your time is valuable and we are honoured and appreciative! We trust you and will get whatever equipment you think we need to get us started. We will try to do everything we can to accommodate your schedule for future lessons

from Hayden and Gary

Dear Ken

What a memorable day. We want to thank you so much for your expert instruction, your endless patience and most of all your gentle caring of an old foggy with a painful back. How did you manage that?

Thank the girls at the Van Galis’ deli. The lunch was great!

From us both, thank you so much for such a wonderful introduction and experience to fly fishing.  

from Regards Rosemary and Bill

Hi Ken. Thanks for a great day of fishing. Dad and I really enjoyed it. Your hard-core guiding and patience makes fly fishing so much fun. We will continue to come back as long as we can haul the big ones in!

from Sean and Ed

Hi Ken, I wanted to thank you for the time that we spent together on the
Grand River.  Your knowledge, enthusiasm and the way that you transfer that
knowledge made for a memorable day.  I learned a lot in a short time.

from Jim Murphy Paris, Ontario

Hi Ken, I received my new Bauer reel today. It looks great , can't wait
to try it out. I would like to say thanks Ken. Can always count on you.

from Tim

Hey Ken I am getting closer to that 20 incher, this one was 18.5 on the
white bugger, the worst part I lost one that was much bigger, thanks for the
suggestion on the white bugger 

from Ryan

Hi Dave;  thanks for a great day.  Great technical teaching and we loved
the on the water strategy for working the pools and working within the tree
Thanks for being so supportive.
D & R

from Ralph Manktelow

Hi Ken,

I'd like to thank you again for a great day on the water!  My Dad and I had a fantastic time and a memory we'll be able to share for years.  You certainly have a passion for your craft and the outdoors which is inspiring.  
Keep up the great work and you will definitely be seeing us again.  


from Rob Sale

Hi Ken, Thanks for a fantastic trip! I really had a great time.  And the fish we got into showed up at best possible time - as we were finishing off the day.  If I had choice between getting fish at the beginning and the end of my day, I would pick the latter because it feels more satisfying. It felt great to use a spey rod again.

Thanks for the great instruction and guidance.   I'll definitely pick up my spey rod again this winter/spring.

from Ehsan from BC

Just wanted to say I saw buddy from the shop on the new fly fisher showing redneck rabbit so I tied a couple with purple polar uv and purple rabbit strip and a couple in green. Used them in the Conestoga river caught lots of nice smallmouth and a nice 20" on the purple. Just wanted to say thanks for the recipe it's a great fly. more people need to use it.

from Derek Schlitt

Hi Ken,

Just wanted to follow-up with a "big thanks" for the Credit 101 session you gave me last Tuesday.  I went back for a 1/2 yesterday and applied what you taught me.  Not a bad morning.....hooked 3 fish and landed & released 2.(nice female and a big male)   All caught on a white egg pattern fishing upstream from the float fisherman who were shoulder to shoulder working the pools.

Also my 1st fish on the Helios Switch that I got from you this Summer.......very pleased with this system.

Thanks again......will call you to set-up a session for the Spring.

Best regards,

from Brian Gray


Just a quick note to thank you again for our bass trip last Thursday. It was outstanding, I have never caught so many fish in a single day! In fact since I have only been fishing now for a couple of years, I probably caught as many fish as I have ever caught in total!

from Bob McGlynn


Thanks for the fast reply. I too enjoyed our river time together. You are a great guide and make every minute worthwhile. I hope you told Ken we had a good session. My daughter is doing great thank for asking,

from Bite it Leonard, bite it

Hello Ken,

Our day on the water was fantastic! Our guide, Steve (I think his name was Steve, I'm bad with names) was incredible. His knowledge was outstanding and he really made learning to fly fish fun and easy! We learnt a great deal from him and we are now "hooked" on the sport. Please let Steven know how much fun we had and how much we appreciated him sharing his knowledge with us.

Thanks for everything

from Kevin Brochu

I thought I would send you a note and let you know that we had a great time yesterday with Larry and Dave. Both were very professional, easy to talk to with good senses of humour, and very informative/patient for us newbie's. We are looking forward to coming again next spring. It looks like I am hooked and plan on pursuing fly fishing going forward and plan on keeping an eye on your used equipment list.

from Robert Kaszuba FPET


Thanks for an amazing Learn to fly fish corporate event. Your guides were great. I was really impressed.

from Tom - Dekay Construction

Thank you for a phenomenal day of ultimate steelheading! When I think back on the guided day I am struck by the beauty of the landscape, the gentle sky and the wild fish action! Steelies on the line. Wow! Big, powerful, exploding fish on tiny flies and there you were, ken, with as much whoop and holler as the rest of us...maybe more!

Your Hooked-On-Fly-fishing apprentice,

from Sandra Root

Just an inquiry if you are still in the 'loop' offering fly-fishing instruction for 'newbies'. I have a friend who is interested and I would not steer him anywhere else. I have had the pleasure of taking the course (twice)with both of you gentlemen and introduced several friends over the years and found the instruction to be excellent, informative and most enjoyable. We would be looking at either late August or September if possible. Looking forward to hearing from you.

from Gerrit (Elora)

I have brought many of international clients to the rivers of Ontario, this great fishery combined with the instructional and guiding expertise of Ken Collins made these days on the river a day that my clients often talk about.

I have found that in the sport of fly fishing there is always new things to learn, and Ken goes out of his way to instruct you while he guides, giving you that extra edge and life long experience that makes you a better fly fisherman.

from Gary Bartholomew, Toronto, ON