Fly tying : General

Q : Is head cementing your fly important?

A :
Absolutely, with out head cement your flies will come apart quicker. There is a tonne of stress on a fly when it is being fly-casted. Bare thread also has no resistance to fish teeth - fish teeth that are small or large it will not matter.

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Q : Why do you use monofilament thread when tying hour glass eyes on the hook?

A :

There is more than one answer for this question. First, monofilament thread is very strong for its size. Thus, you wrap around hook shank more tightly. Second, monofilament thread is round and therefore will have more ridges and bumpiness to secure the hour glass eyes into. But, the big reason is I super glue all my eyes and monofilament thread actually melts together when in contact with superglue. Troutfitter eyes will never rotate.

Be sure to visit our web site instruction page for full details on how to fasten hour glass eyes properly.

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Q : Why do my flies fall apart so quickly?

A :

There are a few reasons why this happens. If the fly falls apart from the head - a good indication of this is that the thread strand at the end of the hook is tangled up with your tippet. Then your whip finish was not sufficient and or you did not use enough head cement. If your tail, wings or body of fly unravel then it is a factor of not tying with enough thread tension and or the possibility of not properly tying off your material ends well enough. Each material has to be fastened by complete right over the material wraps of thread. Many new fly tiers think they are doing this right but they actually are only wrapping thread alongside of material ends not right over.

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