Technical Fly fishing : General

Q : Where do you stay when fishing in the Elora Fergus area?

A :

We love this small town atmosphere we offer our clients. Many of clients have asked us to stop telling others - they want to keep this spot all for themselves. Here are a few of the places to lay your head at the end of a hard but enjoyable day on the river.

The Breadalbaine Inn     Van Galis Inn     3 Bears B&B     The Village Inn     The Drew House

Dream Corners     The Log Cabin Heaven    Thistlebrae B&B     Stonehurst B&B

and for more accommodations check out this listing at our towns website or FEBBA.

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Q : For my first fly rod - do I want a weight forward WF line or a double taper DT?

A :

I always suggest weight forward lines to beginners. I even go one step further and suggest they go up one line size. ie. so if buying a 5wt rod I would match it with a 6wt line. Remember unless you are purely lake fishing and trolling a fly do not get a full sinking or sink tip line.YOU NEED A FLOATING LINE ONLY TO START. 

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Q : What rod length do I buy for my first fly rod?

A :

Your first fly rod should be no longer than 9 ft. I prefer to sell 8'6" models. This rod is lighter than 9ft and a lot lighter than 10ft or longer rods. Your casting arm will understand this recommendation after a full day on the water. I also know the shorter rod will be more accurate and more versatile for all fly fishing presentations. Of course it may no be perfect for some presentations ie. nymphing but it will do the job.

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Q : How do I know what line weight rod to buy?

A :

Decide what fish you are going to catch. If it is more than one specie, break it down by percent. ie. trout 75% and bass 25%. Its mainly about the fly size. To keep this answer simple and to the point. All fish have preferred diets. So trout eat aquatic insects and so does mr bass but bass would prefer to eat a crayfish or a minnow. So trouty foods would be size 10 to 18 hook sizes and 4 to 10 hook size for bass. So a heavier line weight for bass like a 6wt is best. But for trout a 3wt or 4wt would do perfectly and because you are doing more trout fishing I would suggest buy the lighter rod. This makes your more frequent trout fishing days more enjoyable. Sometimes going half way and buying the 5wt will do but I do not suggest this remedy because if you do the trout rod right and fish trout for 2 months with the perfect rod you will probably buy the perfect rod for bass later that same year.

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