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On numerous occasions,  I have heard of self-planned trips not turning out like what was planned. So many details to consider when making the trip of a lifetime or just this years fishing escape. I have blundered through a few myself.

Some of those memories are top-notch but too many are also ones I wish I could forget.

It is through these not so great, time-wasting and costly experiences I have learned to use travel experts like Slipstream Angling to make all my hosted trips perfect. These trips will not let you down! 

Cuba Zampata, Salinas - April 13 - 20, 2024

Join our group - only 8 of us will be partaking of this fly fishing dream location. We still have a few openings for that week. Contact us ASAP for more info.

Added bonus - Pre trip Information

We hold equipment preparation and fly tying nights for each of our Troutfitter's week tours. These nights join together our group even before we get to the location. The friendships develop naturally and we feel good being part of that camaraderie. 


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