Adventure Travel

On numerous occassions,  I have heard of self planned trips not turning out like what was planned. So many details to consider when making the trip of a lifetime or just this years fishing escape. I have blundered through a few myself. Some of those memories are top notch but too many are also ones I wish I could forget.

Over the years we have experimented with a few destinations and now have honed our attention to a well chosen few. These trips will not let you down. 

Maybe we can help...ask us

I know a place... where we can go. Lyrics to a song that I really enjoy "down to the river" by Jordon Feliz

Pre trip Information

We hold equipment preparation and fly tying nights for each of our Troutfitter's week tours. These nights join together our group even before we get to the location. The friendships develop naturally and we feel good being part of that camaraderie.