Troutfitter Style

World Class Smallmouth Fly-fishing

We guides here at Troutfitters take every opportunity to pursue these legendary Ontario bronzebacks - it has been said many times by numerous ardent anglers like myself - that pound-for-pound this fish outfights anything in freshwater.

We find them to be the perfect targets for us fly fishers because they eat a variety of foods that we can imitate easily with a few feathers and fur arrangements on a hook.

Troutfitter Favourite Bass Fly Patterns

Several Troutfitter exclusive fly patterns were developed to fuel our smallmouth bass addiction. Our Full Motion Crayfish, Full Motion Hex, Identity Crisis, Clearwater Craw, Custom Clouser and Redneck Rabbit were specifically designed with these battlers in mind.

World famous... not kidding

Troutfitter guides know where to find eager fish and beautiful river surroundings to help you experience the best river smallmouth fishing on this planet. See for yourself the fishing we can deliver as we are featured in two episodes of the New Fly Fisher with Bill Spicer  River Smallies and Dryfly Smallmouth - purchase them at the New Fly Fisher web site. or you can read the numerous written magazine articles we have done including a whole chapter in Bob Clousers most recent book Fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass. Please note the numerous picture credits in this book.

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