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Fly fishing Muskie

Muskie - "the fish of ten thousand casts." So far that's not the way of the Troutfitter drift boat -- in fact far from it.

Taking Ken's knowledge of how these ambush predator fish behave and where they live and adding this to Steve May's ingenious fly tying results in the Troutfitter driftboat has many multiple fish action days.

Ken has always had a soft spot for toothy critters -- his all time favourite fish to catch on a fly rod is the barracuda.

Muskie Fly-fishing Troutfitter Style

If you haven't had the water erupt less than a rod length in front of you, so you actually get wet from spray, you haven't experienced real fishing. Make sure you don't go another year without trying these fresh water croc's. Email us soon to reserve your Fly-fishing wake up call.

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All equipment, flies, leaders and tissues for your tears after one of these 4ft freshwater crocs jumps out of the water and throws your improperly hook set fly back at you. Our current Pricing for all our on-the-water fly fishing events.

Fly-fishing for Muskie Gallery

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