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Ontario Alternate Species Guiding

Ontario fly fishing has so much to offer the aspiring adventurous angler. We have so many different species of fish that all offer their own unique habitats and feeding behaviors to challenge the inquisitive fly fisher. 

For instance, the perfect rise and nighty feed of the Mooneye. Now here is a dry fly game you don't want to miss out on. Or, how about the super-selective, wise vacuum-like strike of a marauding carp. Add this to a fish battle you and your fly rod will not soon forget. Trust me when I say 8wts are sometimes not enough for this seem to be tireless draft horse of the river.

Even the prehistoric-looking Gar-pike offers a fly fisher a challenge. Just how do you hook a snout packed with bony teeth? Or, maybe if you don't mind being blindfolded we will even take you brook trout fishing.

Grand River Slam Challenge

This has been a stand by test I have given every one of my employees over the years. In one day while fishing the Grand river tailwater stretch purposely catch a brown trout, pike and a bass. To super slam this add a walleye or a carp. So far very few have passed this test. My addition to this challenge is to do it all on the same fly - choose wisely!

Tug is the drug

On numerous occasions on a days fishing the stars won't align and the fish just refuse to bite. Our only comfort is that's why it's called fishing not catching. However deep down we know if I only could have had a bent rod just for a little while today my day would have been much better. Our current Pricing for all our on-the-water fly fishing events.

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