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Ontario Steelheading Guiding

Steelhead Fly-fishing is definitely one of the top freshwater fish to catch on a fly rod. The strength, speed, strike and wild fish battles are only some of the reasons why these fish are so well liked.

Take a walk or drift with our boat through some on Southwestern Ontario's finest steelhead rivers. Our guides have been fishing these rivers since they were big enough to buy waders -- and some before that.

Whether targeting these migratory fish by swinging spey rod techniques or pocket water nymph fishing tactics (be sure to read our article radical nymphing hyperlink) our Troutfitter steelhead guides will love to share their long time earned knowledge of these here today gone tomorrow ghosts of the rivers.

Fly-fishing for Steelhead Troutfitter Style

If you haven't hooked one of these wild rockets with a fly rod yet, book a trip soon. You just don't want to go through life without holding one of these gems close to you while your photo is being taken.

Fly-fishing for Steelhead Gallery

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