Trick for tying beads and cones
by Ken Collins - February 23, 2015

The advantages for tying beads or cones to your favourite fly patterns are easy to grasp. First, you can add weight to your fly for greater fishing depths. Second, this shiny bead or cone glitters in the water which can be a big attractor to fish. Remember there is a time on the water where this glint will not help produce fish strikes. In other words, be flexible have a variety of patterns tied no beads, shiny beads and non shiny beads.

This being said and now applied to your fly box arsenal will be good news indeed. But, so many times I have bought or used someone else’s bead head patterns and within three casts. The bead has rammed itself down the hook shank causing the fly pattern to look like squashed ball of fuss on a hook. Of course it’s garbage and now I am retying another fly on the line when I should be fishing. 

Try this tying trick with your beads and cones and never worry about slipping beads every again! 

Trick for tying beads and cones Steps

Cone or Bead on Hook
Slide cone or bead onto hook by properly placing hook point through front of bead or cone. NOTE: Sometimes debarbing the hook is necessary.

Wrapping Security
wrap snugly proper lead size material in consecutive fashion clockwise around hook shank. Make sure even the lead wire ends are tucked tightly in against hook shank.

Push all together
Push all the wrapped strands tightly together and now firmly slide all this wire segment firmed up against the cone of bead.

Tying on thread
Now tie on your thread behind wire segments and continue to wrap vigorously on top of wire and behind segment. Your goal is to form a smooth ramp of thread that fastens lead segment into proper position.

Head Cement
for added durability place a small drop of head cement at this thread and lead wire segment.

Whip Finish
A proper whip finishing knot will only make for a better platform to start your next tying stages.

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