Tying Knots - Perfection Loop
by Ken Collins - April 16, 2016

This is by far the smallest and strongest loop knot you can tie. This is why it is ideal for tying heavy butt materials of your leaders - so they can be quickly attached to your already looped ends of your fly lines. All Orvis, Umpqua and other famous knotless leaders use this knot on their retail selling leaders.

Tying Knots - Perfection Loop Steps

First loop
Wrap tippet end around making a 1 inch loop and cross it under your pinching fingers of your dominant hand.

Making Second loop
Now make second loop half the size of your first loop and make sure it is made on the back side of your fist loop.

End through the middle
Grasp tippet end and now maneuver it through the middle of the two loops.

Small loop pulling
As you hold onto all of these steps in your pinched fingers. Reach through or persuade small loop through large loop and then pull it right through the large loop WHILE you let go of the pinch clump of tippets ends at the same time.

Tightening Loop
Remember just before you put the final tug to moisten the knot with a bit of saliva.

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