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Here is the most incredible knot I have ever come across. A client taught me this knot many years ago. I have used it faithfully ever since. I actually call it the Guide knot now because it is so important to my days fishing with clients.

Here is the only 100 percent knot that actually tells you it is tied properly with an audible click sound. How convenient is that - especially for us aging guides and failing eye sights. Not that bad.... yet.....  a slight exaggeration...  but you get my drift I am sure.  

by Ken Collins -

Step 1- Tippet end through eye of hook

Thread tippet through eye of the hook and continue to pull 5 inches of extra tippet through.

Step 2 - Make a loop

While holding onto eye of hook and not letting tippet move - Make a loop that runs parallel to tippet and sits directly above the eye of the hook.

Step 3 - Twisting loop

Make sure to turn only the loop 3 exact turns around the main length of tippet that comes from your leader.

Step 4 - Tippet end through loop

Do not let anything un twist but know thread tippet end through remainder of loop

Step 5 - Knots new position

Your knot body should be loose and sitting 1 inch away from eye of hook

Step 6 - Tightening of knot

Keep hold of the hook (carefully of course). Keep pulling tippet and main part of tippet until knot area snugs up around the main strand of tippet.

Step 7 - Snug Knot to hook

With steady slow pulling action - pull knot until it seats itself against the eye of the hook.

Step 8 - The Click – Part one

Crucial stage here. Keep pulling now. Notice the position of tippet end and keep your ears open. The knot click is micro seconds away.

Step 9 - The Click – part two

Did you hear it or see the tippet end jump and set itself on a distinct angle from the main tippet. If yes success fish it. If no cut and re tie.

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