Imagine personalized tying forums happening in your neighborhood.

Troutfitters will bring some of the best tyers around to you. We have a traveling fly tying station that allows 12-16 people (3or4 per table) to watch 3-4 tyers demonstrate their creations. Each tying session keeps the same audience but scheduled breaks allows all attending to veiw each demonstration. We even provide chairs and snacks for your comfort.

This format allows you to casually talk and learn from top tyers. These exciting new forums will focus on the types of flies you want to tie. This set up includes a full selection of materials so you can pick up supplies before you leave to tie the patterns you were demonstrated.

Drop us a line and we can plan to visit your town focused on topics that you would like to see.
We plan to visit places like Kitchener, Guelph, Brantford, Toronto, Hamilton and London.

Some potential tying themes to consider:

  • Tube fly tying for Great Lakes fishing
  • Grand River fly patterns
  • Simple and effective dry flies
  • Smallmouth flies top to bottom
  • Troutfitter's own full motion flies

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