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Troutfitters guides have a hard time saying NO to a day of fly fishing for bass. Our collection here of personal favourites will get you started to the same way of thinking really quickly.

    Full Motion Crayfish - Price: $3.99



    Steve and I realized long ago the importance of a good crayfish fly pattern. We noticed many of our favourite fly fishing quarry ate these critters on a regular basis. These same desired fish would swim great distances to inhale these fresh water lobsters (our nickname for them). It took 20 years of trial and error developing this pattern. BUT, we are totally happy and we also have a long list of clients that would say the same.


    Bleeding Throat Popper - Price: $6.99



    Everything that is required to make a fish strike a fly on the surface is present in this fly. Rubber legs for movement. The 3d eyes can be easily seen by a fish from below and the red throat simulates distress but more importantly acts as a target for the fish to home in on. The foam body, synthetic hackle and bucktail fibres for the tail make this fly really light and easy to cast.