Full Motion Crayfish

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Steve and I realized long ago the importance of a good crayfish fly pattern. We noticed many of our favourite fly fishing quarry ate these critters on a regular basis. These same desired fish would swim great distances to inhale these fresh water lobsters (our nickname for them). It took 20 years of trial and error developing this pattern. BUT, we are totally happy and we also have a long list of clients that would say the same.

It is a known fact there are flies that catch fish and there are flies that catch the fly fisher. Over the years, Steve and I have traveled to many fly fishing and fishing shows. Our show booths always consist of at least one tying station or preferably two. We know our stand up tying stations attract a lot of attention. We each pick different patterns and tie away. Steve will always admit - even though he is 100x the tyer I am -- the full motion crayfish steals the show hands down and thus that is why I always beg to tie it at the shows. So here is a fly that catches both fish and fishers!

Ken Collins : Pro Staff/Boat/Guide/Instructor


Full Motion Crayfish
Ken Collins - December 29, 1999


Movement Life and Food
Steve May - Originally published in Real Fishing Magazine - January 25, 2010