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Every year majority of the biggest fish are caught on streamers.

    Wooly Sculpin - Price: $3.49



    Everybody loves or at least is familular with fly the muddler minnow. Well this is a high performance model. This contoured deer hair head is trimmed in a way that makes the fly behave irratically. A wounded baitfish that is intoxicated I call it - easy pickings for any trout! The Zoo Cougar minnow is a close relative to this pattern.


    Redneck Rabbit - Price: $3.49



    Two great flies brought together to make one even better fly. The rabbit wing of the Zonker Minnow and the dumbell eyes of the Clouser Minnow. Now a jigging capable actioned fly with ample life and a red target to strike - that just so happens to be close to the point of the hook.