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Store : Tying Materials : Thread, Wire & Tinsel

If its on a spool look in here.

    Round Lead Wire - Price: $3.99



    A few wraps of the right size (see below) of this material will increase your flies sink rate considerably. This material also builds out bodies to make them even more life like. Try squeezing this material with flat pliers to make the perfect looking rock crawling nymph of your favourite stream. .

    .025 - hook sizes 2 to 6, or use .020 - hook sizes 8 to 10, 

    .015 - hook sizes 12 to 14, and .010 - hook sizes 16 to 20, 


    Danville Flymaster - 6ott - 200yds - Price: $3



    Even though this thread is thin it lays flat on a hook and is very strong for its diameter. This thread ties streamers as well as nymphs but it is most preferred by the steelheaders and salt water tyers because its colours are so vibrant.


    Danville Monocord - 3ott - 100yds - Price: $2.5