Tying Knots - Improved Surgeons Loop
by Ken Collins - April 16, 2016

This knot is a must have.In fact I tell students they should practice this knot so much that they could tie it without looking at it. I use this knot for all tippet to leader replenishments. I can tie three or four sets of these to anyones single redition of the triple surgeons or barrel knot which is the fly fishers typical knots of choice for replacing damaged or lost tippet on leaders. I would agree normally but over the years I have found that the person with the line in the water is catching the fish. Not the person standing on the side of the river tying knots. 

Tying Knots - Improved Surgeons Loop Steps

Making Loop
Fold over tippet in dominant hand and pull loop shape up towards sky till a four inch loop is formed.

Backwards Six
Now wrap loop around on itself and make sure the criss cross of the tippet strands are on top - pinch this now under the the same fingers as original loop. this forms a back ward six or a lower case d. Hold snugly.

Twisting double stranded loop
Pinch double stranded loop with other hand and twist 180 degrees (half turn only) towards you. You will now have a new twisted criss cross of strands.

Grabbing this Criss cross
By pushing or messaging this criss cross move it back into the pinch of your dominant hand.

Single loop through double
Now grab single strand loop and put it through the double standed loop from the back through to the front.

Figure Eight noticed
If you have twisted the double stranded loop the right direction and put the single strand loop from back to front - you should see a figure eight knot.

As you get this knot to its final snug stages be sure to moisten it with a bit of saliva.

This knot will not slip so trim as close as you want.

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