Others : Tying Knots - Polymer

This knot is the easiest of the 100 percent knot strength knots to learn and tie well. It does does have one limitation though. It requires a double strand of tippet to be fitted through the eye of the hook. So small flies are not easily done especially if tippet size is heavy (thick in diameter). 

by Ken Collins -

Loop through hook

This is the toughest part of tying this knot. Sometimes the loop will not fit through. You can pass a single strand of tippet through hook and then turn around and come back through eye of hook forming this same loop.

Tie half granny

After making sure you have large enough loop and enough tippet end far enough back from eye of hook. Tie a half knot (granny) right above the eye of hook.

Hook through loop

Maneuver hook or lure through open loop and pull loop all the way around lure so it is at least past the eye of the hook.

Slowly tighten knot

As you tighten this knot - it is paramount that you keep the loop end away from lure and up along the main strand of tippet (above the knot and hook eye) Knot will not set properly if you do not do this.

Moisten and pull tight

Just like all knots a lick of moisture just before your final tightening will help eliminate friction and heat.

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