Ultra Caddis Larvae
by Ken Collins - July 01, 2017

As most of you the know the Grand River here in Fergus and surrounding areas has the most incredible caddis hatches. Coming to this river without caddis fly patterns is fishing suicide. I have caught fish on caddis patterns from the start of trout season to closing day. You want to carry a selection of dries and emergers of course. But, so many anglers forget about the bottom dweller, the caddis larvae. Remember these creatures live on the rocks, anglers walk all over these rocks (we have a lot of anglers) the caddis larvae are knocked from their homes and tumbled down stream to hungry trout mouths all day long. 


Ultra Caddis Larvae Steps

Tie thread to hook
After tying on wrap a base layer of thread over the entire bend part of the hook that you plan to tie on. This prevents slippage and loose unraveling flies.

Tie on chenille
make sure to tie in chenille a goo ways down the bend of the hook. this makes the larvae have the natural bend look when you are finished.

Wrap chenille
Move thread to eye of hook and now wrap chenille clockwise (like your thread)all the way to just behind the eye of the hook.

Tie in Peacock Herle
Match tips on 3 or 4 strands of peacock herle and attach them right on top of where you finished tying off your ultra chenille. wrap these strands in a tight strand to form the thicker thorax region of your caddis larvae.

Peacock thorax
Wrap these strands in a tight strand to form the thicker thorax region of your caddis larvae.

Whip finish and cement
After trimming excess herle, make a few more wraps of threads to smooth out head of fly. Perform whip finish, trim thread and cement your head of fly.

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